The Wonder of Prenatal Education

Are you pregnant or thinking about starting a family?

Do you want the best start possible for your baby, even before you give birth?

Dr Chong Chen delivers more insights into how to give your child the best start in life in this latest edition of his series, Your Baby’s Developing Brain.

In this latest installment, The Wonder of Prenatal Education: Why You Should Listen to Mozart and Sing to Your Baby While Pregnant, you will learn some incredible things about your unborn child, such as:

  • When the fetus can hear
  • How the fetus can learn stories and rhymes
  • How you can educate your unborn baby
  • What sort of music you should listen to
  • Singing to your baby
  • Talking and reading
  • And more…

There is no doubt that learning begins long before a child is born and that they can pick up on all sorts of emotions, as well as your moods and other things that are going on in the outside world.

Now you can start your child’s education even before they emerge into the world and give them the positive start they deserve.

Get a copy of The Wonder of Prenatal Education and see how it works now!



The Wonder of Prenatal Education has been a real eye opener for me. I am expecting my second child and I have found the information in this book practical and well explained. It has given me knowledge I didn’t have in my previous pregnancy, which is based on scientific fact.

— Lisa Birch, A second time expecting mom