The Tale of Two Minds

Do you wonder how to make effective decisions in everyday life?

Are you fatigued with thousands of choices every day?

Have you spent lots of time struggling with whether you should follow your heart or mind?

Our brain has two modes of thinking, intuitive and reflective. Intuitive thinking or intuition is fast, emotional, efficient, but error-prone; reflective thinking or reflection is more logical and precise, but slow and effortful. Now, in The Tale of Two Minds: The Art and Science of Decision Making in Everyday Life, Dr. Chong Chen introduces grounding breaking studies that help you achieve a balanced, scientific view of the two minds.


Distinguishing when and where each mind is correct and we can trust them, and when and where they are incorrect and how to avoid the risks is of crucial importance to our daily lives. In this book, Dr. Chong Chen offers practical and enlightening insight into how to become smarter about decision-making, through examples on:

  • Forming first impressions of strangers
  • Deciding your favorite goods
  • Choosing your romantic partner
  • Renting apartments
  • Buying houses and cars
  • Job hunting
  • Deciding what to eat
  • And much more…

There is no doubt that making better decisions is the most essential means towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Now you can revolutionize your decision-making and give yourself the best options you deserve.

Get a copy of The Tale of Two Minds and see how it works now!


Solid advice and scientific perspective on how to balance the mind and the heart. The Tale of Two Minds brings people fresh eyes to look at and improve daily choices.

― Dr. Haruaki Fukuda, Decision-Making Neuroscientist, Assistant Professor of Psychology, The University of Tokyo

Making tough decisions is never easy, and sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to take the logical approach or go with your gut. This book not only answers the age old question of which is better, it explains why. Very well-written with excellent examples and quotes, The Tale of Two Minds will not only keep you entertained, it will give you great insight into how your own brain works. Highly recommend!

― ID Johnson, The Author of The Clandestine Saga

The Tale of Two Minds: The Art and Science of Decision Making in Everyday Life is a book which will challenge your understanding of your thought processes. It looks at different ways decisions are made and uses science and topically examples to examine how your decisions are processed and carried out. Written in friendly, jargon free language, The Tale of Two Minds has something new to learn about and ponder on each page.

― Lisa Birch, Editor