Test-Sleep Quality

The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) is the most widely used instrument for evaluating sleep quality. You can take this test to check your own status of sleep.

(Source: Buysse,D.J., Reynolds,C.F., Monk,T.H., Berman,S.R., & Kupfer,D.J. (1989). The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI): A new instrument for psychiatric research and practice. Psychiatry Research, 28(2), 193-213.)

You can print the PSQI out to answer the questions and calculate your score by yourself. I’m still working to make an online automatic test.

Download the PSQI_Instrument

Download the PSQI_Scoring  (The scoring takes time, but be patient, as you’ll get a scientific feedback of your sleep quality. If you have any questions regarding the scoring procedure, email me through https://brainandlife.net/contact/)

Check for other language translations of the PSQI here

Note that the files on this page are provided for pure educational purpose.