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Take the Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire developed by psychologists Arnold H. Buss and Mark Perry at the University of Texas to check your level of trait hostility.

(Source: Buss, A.H., & Perry, M. (1992). The Aggression Questionnaire. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,63, 452–459.)

Please rate each of the following items in terms of how characteristic they are of you. Use the following scale for answering these items.

1  2  3  4  5

whereby 1 indicates extremely uncharacteristic of me, and 5 indicates extremely characteristic of me.

1) Once in a while I can’t control the urge to strike another person.

2) Given enough provocation, I may hit another person.

3) If somebody hits me, I hit back.

4) I get into fights a little more than the average person.

5) If I have to resort to violence to protect my rights, I will.

6) There are people who pushed me so far that we came to blows.

7) I can think of no good reason for ever hitting a person.

8) I have threatened people I know.

9) I have become so mad that I have broken things.

10) I tell my friends openly when I disagree with them.

11) I often find myself disagreeing with people.

12) When people annoy me, I may tell them what I think of them.

13) I can’t help getting into arguments when people disagree with me.

14) My friends say that I’m somewhat argumentative.

15) I flare up quickly but get over it quickly.

16) When frustrated, I let my irritation show.

17) I sometimes feel like a powder keg ready to explode.

18) I am an even-tempered person.

19) Some of my friends think I’m a hothead.

20) Sometimes I fly off the handle for no good reason.

21) I have trouble controlling my temper.

22) I am sometimes eaten up with jealousy.

23) At times I feel I have gotten a raw deal out of life.

24) Other people always seem to get the breaks.

25) I wonder why sometimes I feel so bitter about things.

26) I know that “friends” talk about me behind my back.

27) I am suspicious of overly friendly strangers.

28) I sometimes feel that people are laughing at me behind me back.

29) When people are especially nice, I wonder what they want.


This questionnaire consisted of four subscales: physical aggression (item 1-9), verbal aggression (item 10-14), anger (item 15-21), and hostility (item 22-29). Total score for each subscale is obtained by reversing the scores on positive items, i.e., 1=5, 2=4, 3=3, 4=2, and 5=1, and then summing across all items for each subscale. Items 7 and 18 are the positively stated items.

The higher the score for a subscale, the higher your personal trait of that subscale. As any anger will induce a robust stress response in your body, which during pregnancy hurts you and your baby’s health, efforts to work the personal trait of hostility through is highly recommended.