Positive psychology

Recommended reading:

Authentic happiness: using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment by the father of positive psychology Martin E.P. Seligman

This book explains groundbreaking ideas and is a must-read. It helped me find the meaning of my life.

Flourish: a visionary new understanding of happiness and well-being by Martin E.P. Seligman

Happier: learn the secrets to daily joy and lasting fulfillment by Tal Ben-Shahar

Even happier: a gratitude journal for daily joy and lasting fulfillment by Tal Ben-Shahar

The psychology of engagement with everyday life by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi

Flow: the psychology of optimal experience by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi


Below are four classics:

A way of being by Carl Rogers

On becoming a person by Carl Rogers

Toward a psychology of being by Abraham H. Maslow

Motivation and personality by Abraham H. Maslow