“With education and exercise, man can attain perfection.”

The words of Plato are still as pertinent today as they were when he was alive, almost 2500 years ago, and as we enter an era where we are less physically active than ever before, it’s time to look again at his insightful thoughts on the matter.

In this new book, Plato’s Insight: How Physical Exercise Boosts Mental Excellence, you will discover the links between IQ and physical fitness, and why:

  • Physically active students perform better at school
  • People who regularly exercise have better memories
  • Those who are physically active endure less stress
  • Exercise boosts self-discipline
  • Exercising as a family provides the most benefits
  • And much more…

With a slant towards children and academic achievement, Plato’s Insight is actually a book which has benefits right across the age spectrum of society.

Presenting ground-breaking findings about the links between exercise and how it impacts on our brains, Plato’s Insight shows how physical fitness is a powerful strategy for protecting you and reducing cognitive deficits we can all suffer from.

Read Plato’s Insight today. It will reveal more than you ever expected.

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Amazon Customer reviews

Life-changing, inspiring and amazing!

There are books for entertainment, there are books for spending time and learning, but there are truly life – changing books as well! I feel pretty lucky to have found “Plato’s Insight: How Physical Exercise Boosts Mental Excellence.” It intrigued me with its title right away, but the contents exceeded my expectations, for sure.

― olga

This is a well written book and despite the fact it’s full of scientific researches it’s easy to read and every featured scientific theory is easy to comprehend. That’s rare for a book of this kind. And it’s pretty convincing, after I finished reading, I packed my sports bag and went to the gym.

― P. H.B.

This book… gave a compelling argument as to why exercising is good for your mental health, your work life, and your family.

― Ray