Maternal Oral Screening Test

You can take this test to see whether you should refer for a dental check-up now.

(Source: George, A., Dahlen, H. G., Blinkhorn, A., Ajwani, S., Bhole, S., Ellis, S., … & Johnson, M. (2016). Measuring oral health during pregnancy: sensitivity and specificity of a maternal oral screening (MOS) tool. BMC pregnancy and childbirth16(1), 347.)

Item 1. Do you have bleeding gums, swelling, sensitive teeth, loose teeth, holes in your teeth, broken teeth, toothache or any other problems in your mouth?

Yes □ (Score 1)

No □ (Score 0)

Item 2. Have you seen a dentist in the last 12 months?

Yes □ (Score 0)

No □ (Score 1)

If you have a total score ≥ 1, refer to a dental check-up as soon as possible.

Note: this test is shared here for educational purpose only.