The world of business is changing.

Productivity and effective leadership are precious commodities.

The right strategies for achieving optimal performance are essential.

Now, with the help of this new book, Fitness Powered Brains, you can improve productivity, performance and leadership.

Inside, you will discover a new concept which will help to simplify the complex scientific ideas of the great benefits of exercise on our brains and how:

  • Exercise can improve work performance
  • You can reduce stress
  • To enjoy your work once again, while accomplishing more
  • Just 10 minutes of walking can make you happier
  • And more…

Crammed full of practical advice, that can boost your mental powers and enhance your chances for success, Fitness Powered Brains looks at ground-breaking ideas and shows you how you can implement them in your life.

If you are ready to challenge your potential, then reading this book is the first step to take. Get your copy now and see how a fitter brain will make you more productive.


Praise for Fitness Powered Brains

“We need to consider both the fitness of our body and that of our mind when searching and planning the steps that can lead us to the achievement of our personal and professional goals.

Dr. Chong Chen’s book provides the guidance regarding your first science-based steps toward both physical and mental fitness. Read Fitness Powered Brains and discover what as little as a 4 minute walk can do for your physical and psychological well-being.”

Psychology Corner

Fitness Powered Brains simplifies complex scientific ideas of the great benefits of exercise on our brains. It is full of practical advice that can boost your mental powers and enhance your chances for success.”

―  Jean Paul Zogby, Bestselling Author of The Power of Time Perception

“Chong Chen has produced a short but convincing introduction to exercise science. In simple and readable paragraphs, he conveys the many benefits of exercise, across many domains of life. Now there is no longer any excuse not to get outside and do something!”

Dr. Kennon M. Sheldon, Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences, University of Missouri

One of 20 Most Cited Social Psychologists in the World

Former Book Review Editor for the Journal of Positive Psychology

Fitness Powered Brains is a milestone in the field of physical fitness and brain science.”

Dr. Masao Mizuno, Professor of Physical Fitness Science, Hokkaido University, Japan

“An extraordinary achievement. Fitness Powered Brains will change how people view physical fitness and exercise. Finally we have a powerful strategy to strengthen our brains, increase our work productivity, and cope with daily stress.”

Dr. Wei Hao, Professor of Psychiatry, Central South University, China

Former President, Chinese Psychiatrist Association

“What I enjoyed about this book and believe it to be different than any other self-help book is that it identifies various forms of counteracts that prevent you from exercising. It pinpoints that factor and then resolves it with providing methods to resolve the problem.

I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a better life.”

Jeyran Main, Professional Editor, Book Reviewer

“This is a much needed book, especially as our jobs and personal lives become more sedentary, revolving around computers and phones. Everyone knows we should be getting more exercise, but in this book it goes into the benefits of not only being more physically fit, but also more mentally fit. It’s a smart book, citing lots of facts and statistics, but also has real life examples. It has been meticulously researched, and hits home a hard point that for longevity and health, you need to be more active.”

Zenny’s Awesome Book Reviews

“A very good book. Not for only one reading and put it away, but nice to read it over again like a manual. I put it next to Sun Tzu’s ‘The art of the war’ in my virtual library.”

Amazon Customer from U.K.

“This is the ultimate guide to getting your happiness back or powering it up.”

Amazon Customer from U.S.