Do you like to exercise?
Do you spend most of your exercise time in the gym or in built up areas?
Did you know that exercising in the natural environment is better for you?


Recent research shows that if we exercise in more natural surroundings it benefits us more, even if we do exactly the same amount. Incredibly, immersing ourselves in forests or being close to the ocean when we exercise can make a significant difference to our energy levels.

Now, in CleverLand: The Psychology of How Nature Nurtures, Dr. Chong Chen examines in more detail the psychology of how nature nurtures us and how our bodies are enhanced by being in its simple beauty, with chapters on:

    • Benefits of forest bathing
    • The healing power of the wilderness
    • How sunshine improves health, happiness and productivity
    • School greenness and how it improves student performance
    • A window view is worth a million dollars
    • Using micro-restorative opportunities
    • And much more…

Being healthy is as much of a scientific art as anything else. The food we eat, the exercise we take and the things we abstain from are all part of it.

And now you can add another layer to the overall picture by reading CleverLand and discovering how nature can nurture you!


Cleverland is a beautiful, compelling invitation to the wilderness and to “green time”. It is an insightful and ambitious synthesis of the scientific literatures on the healing power of nature and in what way we can increase our exposure to nature. Moreover, it reminds us human being cannot live without fruitful gifts from nature. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
― Dr. Yoshinori Ohtsuka, Professor of Health Science, Hokkaido University;
Representative of Asia and Oceania, International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology

As a person who works primarily indoors, I’ve never really thought about what that could be doing to my health. Now that I’ve read Cleverland, I realize, not only do I need to get outside more frequently in order to improve my mood but that it would actually physically improve my health as well. This book has inspired me to make some changes to my routine!

― ID Johnson, The Author of The Clandestine Saga