Chocolate and the Nobel Prize

Do you understand the benefits of eating the right foods?
Are you aware that our mental and physical health begins and ends with the food we put into our bodies?

Eating the right food has always been important. As far back as ancient China it was known that food and medicine were closely linked, if not the same, and Hippocrates once quoted, “let food be thy medicine.”


Neuroscientist and bestselling author Dr. Chong Chen’s latest book, Chocolate and the Nobel Prize: The Book of Brain Food, citing over 400 scientific reports, examines our relationship with food and what the right kind does for us, through chapters on:

    • The benefits of 10 cups of green tea
    • Olives, for peace and cognitive power
    • Fatty fish
    • The Mediterranean diet
    • The value of spices
    • Mind-boosting foods
    • And much more…

There is much in the old saying ‘we are what we eat’ and we should be mindful of it with every mouthful. By taking care of what we allow into our bodies we are preserving ourselves and helping to keep body and mind active for as long as possible.

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Endorsement for Chocolate and the Nobel Prize

Very well-written and extremely well-researched gold mine of information. I’m sure this book will help a lot of people.

― ID Johnson, The author of The Clandestine Saga

In this entertaining and educational book, Chong Chen reveals which foods are great for brain health…While reading I was also alerted to all the things I’m doing right, like eating nuts daily. Chong Chen has done the research and you can simply absorb the knowledge and make your life better. You will really enjoy this book as the information is so compelling.

― The Rebecca Review, Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer

I wasn’t sure about the title Chocolate and the Nobel Prize at first but the more I read, the more I liked it. Citing over 400 scientific reports, this is the ultimate guide on how to eat right and truly The Book of Brain Food.

― Russell Burgess, Writer, Author, Writing Mentor

This is a wonderful book on dietary needs that I know will benefit a lot of people. I learned a lot of information while reading this.

― Victoria Rose, Writer, Editor

Chocolate and the Nobel Prize is a useful guide to help make the right decisions for healthy living and eating. It’s a clever combination of science-based research, wisdom from life and practical advice to help readers make good choices for their brain and body. I found this book to be insightful. It also confirmed that I was on the right track to making good decisions for my health, but now I have a better understanding of the reasons behind it.

― Lisa Birch, Editor