About Chong Chen

Dr. Chong Chen is the editor of Brain & Life.

Dr. Chong Chen is a neuroscientist and possesses a Ph.D. in Medicine. Chong has been the author of over 20 articles, all of which have been published in professional journals and which cover several aspects of his fields of expertise; neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology.

In addition to these important pieces, Chong has now written five books, including Fitness Powered Brains: Optimize Your Productivity, Leadership and Performance, which is ideal for business people, Plato’s Insight: How Physical Exercise Boosts Mental Excellence, which shows how being physically active can directly correlate to mental ability and a series of three books called Your Baby’s Developing Brain, which illustrates the recent scientific finding that babies’ brains are developing long before they make their entrance into the world.

The three volumes focus on parental mental health, the optimal maternal nutrition and lifestyle and how the intelligent fetus learns and what parents can do to promote its learning.

When he has free time, Chong likes to get some fresh air and exercise by cycling. He also loves playing ping-pong, reads novels and poems and is a huge fan of the Argentine Tango.

As far as the future goes, Chong hopes that he will be able to translate scientific findings into ways that will allow regular people to live better lives. And through his books and this website, he hopes that he can reach a much wider audience.